Friday, August 31, 2007

Dentist in the city

Today I helped Mommy go to the dentist. We took the bus because her dentist is in the city. Mommy had to lie down on a big chair and I had to lie down near her feet. I stayed lying down near Mommy's feet the whole time. I was perfect. The dentist guy kept doing weird stuff so I kept an eye on both Mommy and him to make sure he wasn't hurting Mommy. Lots of people came by to take pictures of me with their phones. They kept saying nice things like, "world's cutest puppy." It is weird, if you don't think you can handle the puppy-parazzi, don't go to the dentist. I am totally used to having my picture taken so I can handle it.

After the dentist, we went to visit Daddy JerJer at his office. Mommy and I waited around for a little while so that we could all ride the bus home together. It is fun to help Daddy get home from work. Here is a pictures of Daddy and me in the city. Check out my big kid jacket!! I got to turn in my baby jacket during my holiday.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back home

After my parents picked me up from Carol's house on Sunday, we went to North Sydney to see Grandma Karyn and Grandpa Tony. We took a fun walk.Then we went home . . . I totally remember the house and the backyard and BELLA! I am really happy to have Bella back in my life. I can tell that Bella missed me because she hasn't made her mad hissing noise toward me since I have been back. We have been hanging out a lot.I got a few new toys and a new collar. My new collar is another yellow one. Mommy seems to be thrilled with it so I guess I like it. What I really like is my pink Wubba from Aunt Stephanie.I think that my holiday was a great experience. I showed everyone how adaptable I am. I am awesome! Check me out hanging out under my daddy's legs before he goes to work.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My holiday!!

I am back at home with Mommy, Daddy JerJer and Bella!

I want to thank Helen, Neale, Matt and Katherine for taking such good care of me. I had such a fun time! Thank you for helping me through my operation and thank you for helping me to grow big and strong. I am no longer Little Quinta!

OK, check this out, my holiday family helped me keep a diary and they sent home pictures for my parents. Isn't that sweet!!

My holiday home had a fantastic backyard with grass. It was like living at a park!! That is Java in the picture with me. Java is my holiday family's former puppy-in-training. Java came to stay with us for a day before he moved to Perth. That was super fun. Java is really big and really nice. Check us out! We both like to be close to people. We are both very loving. When we were together, we ended up being a little bit pushy about getting attention and affection!! Here is a picture from when I got my stitches. I got my stitches on Monday, July 30th. Hopefully I am done with my frequent visits to the vet.