Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phone Update

Mommy called my holiday family this morning to make sure that everything was going well. I was playing outside when Mommy called. My Aunt Helen told my mom that I arrived safely and that I have been really well-behaved. She told Mommy that I am really good at walking and that they loved how I place retrieved items on their lap instead of at their feet. The puppy that Aunt Helen and family recently raised was really good at retrieving, just like I am, but he just left stuff at their feet, I guess. The thing is, I have noticed that people are funny. They are more likely to throw something, like Baby, for example, again and again if you put it on their lap and stare at them with a really cute, hopeful expression. If you just put something, like Baby, at their feet, they may not even notice it. If they don't notice it, they certainly aren't going to throw it again.

Aunt Helen also told Mommy that I am having an operation on Monday. After Monday, I won't be able to have babies. That is OK because my goal is not to become a mommy, it is to become a Service Dog or a Companion Dog. I have to make sacrifices in order to reach my goal.

Here is a picture of me from yesterday morning, before Carol picked me up. I wonder how much I am going to grow and change during my holiday at Aunt Helen's house??

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, this morning I found out that I am going on a special holiday without my parents. My parents told me that they are going to California so I get to stay with a different family for a month. My parents told me that they would miss me very much but that they know I will have a super fun holiday. My teacher, Carol, came to pick me up to take me to my holiday destination. I will be staying down near Wollongong, near the beach! You know what that means -- play time in the sand!!
BYE! See you on August 26th!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Packing up!

I have been helping to pack up my stuff in Bella's pink suitcase. Well, actually, it is really fun to UNpack things that Mommy places into the suitcase. I don't know where we are all going. Last time we packed up Bella's suitcase we went to Jindy. I hope we go there again!!

A Corporate Walk in North Sydney

Mommy and I went on a walk in North Sydney with some people who work at a company called EMC. To get there we were going to take a twain but we missed it so we decided to take a cab instead. We had trouble getting a cab so we were about 5 min. late.

I was super excited when we got there. Mommy and I got in trouble for my excitement. I was just so darn excited to see Ursula!! But don't worry, my behaviour shaped up quickly. Here is a picture of me and one of my EMC friends right before we set out for our walk around North Sydney.There were 4 dogs on the walk. Two of the dogs were more advanced than Ursula and me. It was only because they are already over a year old. Ursula and I did a great job even though we are both only about 6 1/2 months old. We were totally good walkers. Here is a picture of Ursula and me walking with 4 of our nice EMC friends.
On our way home we took a few twains. I love twains.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The best weekend of my whole life!

After puppy school last Thursday, Mommy, Daddy and I all jumped into Aunt Joyce's car and went to Jindabyne for the weekend. I seriously had the BEST time in Jindy.
In Jindy, there is lots of time for running and playing by a lake.In Jindy, there are so many different smells than what I have smelled in Sydney.
In Jindy, there is carpet in the cabins. Carpets hold amazing smells. I investigated every inch of the carpet with my nose. The cabins also have tons of nice people!
In Jindy, I drank bowl after bowl of water. I peed a lot too. But the thing is, in Jindy I only pooped 2 times each day instead of my normal 5 poops per day.

I practiced with my new halter. Mommy says that I prance with my new halter. I think that it is a good thing. I love walking with my new halter. It doesn't hurt my neck like before, when my leash was hooked to my collar.Most of the days Daddy went skiing with all of the nice cabin people but on Sunday, he played by the lake with Mommy and me. I have so many pretty photos from my weekend in Jindy. Be sure to check my July photo album!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun at the park with Baby

I went to the vet today for another urine extraction. The vet just wants to make sure that my infection is gone! I weigh 17.3kg (38lbs) now!! I usually take Baby with me to the vet. Today, since she went with me to the vet, she also got to come to the post-vet play time at the park!! I think that Baby liked the park.