Saturday, June 30, 2007

My 6-month birthday!!

I am 6-months old today. I already got to go out for a morning walk. I also got a special bone and lots of backyard play time!! We are going to go to the park soon too!

I big now!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Defiance and Pedicures

Bella and I are very different. Bella is a little punk and is usually very defiant. Most of the time I try really hard to be good and to follow directions. However, I do have moments when I don't want to listen to Mommy or Daddy. Sometimes I don't want to sit. Sometimes I don't want to stop jumping or to wait my turn for attention. When I have my defiant moments, Mommy tells me that the world doesn't revolve around me and that I need to stop acting like it does. I tell her that she needs to stop calling the kettle black.

One thing Bella and I both have in common is that we LOVE getting pedicures. We love sitting on Mommy's lap getting our toe nails trimmed back to a less tacky length. I have had two pedicures in the last few weeks. No wonder I look so pretty.

I have been going for walks during every non-raining moment lately. Saturday was beautiful and Mommy, Daddy and I walked to Newtown. Here is a pretty picture of me from Saturday.We stopped at a pub on the way back home so that I could practice UNDER. I learned UNDER last time I went to school. I am really good at it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rainy Days

It has been super rainy so I barely get to play outside. Some days I haven't even been able to go for a walk! When I come inside from going to the toilet, Mommy and I play Dry Off with a towel. She tries to rub a towel all over me and I wiggle with excitement. I don't know why it is so much fun but it really is a highlight during rainy days.

I have had to think of new activities since I am indoors so much during rainy days. I like to drag my drying off towel around the house. That is pretty fun. I like to fetch my baby Assistance Dog. Baby is a good chew toy too. I also spend time cleaning Baby. Thankfully, I have a sister. Bella and I play chase when we get really restless from being stuck indoors! Bella is such a cheater though. One good thing about rainy days is that there is always time for a nap!

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Day as a Debutante!

Last weekend, Mommy, Daddy JerJer and I went down to Cronulla so that I could help sell raffle tickets with the other debutantes! Other dogs in my organisation helped on debutante day too! In the photo below, India is on the left and Lily is on the right. I am sitting nicely in the center.Volunteering at the debutante day was super fun.
Then, I couldn't even believe it at the time, but my day got even better! We went to the beach. I am not sure that there is anything more exciting than sand! I LOVE sand. The ocean, I am not so sure about. Daddy JerJer tried to get me to put my feet in the water but I didn't get my feet wet even once! I am too fast. The ocean couldn't catch me!!