Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My life

To tell you the truth, for a 4-month old, I have a pretty busy life. My most favourite activity is my Wednesday evening puppy school class. I LOVE going to class.

Some days I go on day-time walks. Other days I go on evening walks. I like when we walk to a park. Parks are fun because I get to run and run and run. At the park I meet new friends. I don't care which park we go to really. They are all fun.

I have been starting to volunteer. Volunteering is fun. Mommy and I go to where my organisation, Assistance Dogs Australia, is doing publicity stuff. I meet and greet new people while Mommy tells them about my organisation and my training.

I also spend time at home with my family. Everyday, I practice my commands and play in the backyard. I also spend time chasing Bella and napping.

Sometimes I help with errands.I am still pooping at least 5 times per day. After I stopped taking my medicine for the cystitis that I had, I started peeing in my bed at night. I am not doing that anymore but I am still going to see a doggie specialist on Friday to make sure that I don't have any sort of problems.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Waiting for the tooth fairy!

It is funny that just today I was thanking my mommy for helping me hold my carrots until I remember how to hold them myself because tonight as I was eating a carrot with Mommy, I lost a baby tooth! I dropped it out of my mouth and everyone got all excited. They told me that I may get something special in return if I leave it out for the tooth fairy. I wonder what I am going to get? I wonder if Bella is a tooths fairy. Mommy Maya and Daddy JerJer were trying to check my mouth to see if everything looked OK after the tooth came out. I really don't want anyone touching that side of my mouth right now. That side of my mouth feels a little bit tender. I just want to leave it alone for tonight.

Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walk!

Here are the two cutest pictures from the morning Mother's Day walk! It was a really fun walk. I think that it was the longest distance I have ever walked during a single walk!! I only took one break.

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mummy!

Thank you for being my mummy.
Thank you for taking me outside to poop.
Thank you for holding my carrots.
Thank you for letting me eat your plants.
Thank you for cleaning the yuckiness from my eyes.
Thank you for teaching me how to roll.

Rolling is FUN!

The Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walk today was fun too!


Friday, May 04, 2007


I kind of have a crush on Ubu. I think that he should get an award for how well he is doing with commands. He was totally the best in class on Wednesday. And I am not just saying that because I want him to be my boyfriend. Look at how handsome and well behaved he is!! That is my teacher, Carol, and Ubu's foster dad in the picture with Ubu.
Today, Bella and I got new pink shirts. I look really pretty in mine. My parents take lots of pictures of me. Don't forget to check my photo albums for more pictures of my adventures!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thank You!!

Dear company that is sponsoring me,

I am working really hard. I am making a lot of progress toward my goals. The struggles that I am encountering are the same as those of the other puppies in my class. Carol, my teacher, came to visit me on Saturday. She said that Quill, Quincy, Ursula and Ubu are also eager to run ahead on walks and that they too chase their tail and jump on people too much. We are just at that stage in our puppy lives. My foster parents got some tips from Carol so that they can help me to stop jumping and stop running ahead on walks.

I am very good at SIT, SHAKE, GIVE, DOWN and COME. I am starting to be really good at WAIT.

Thank you for sponsoring me!