Friday, December 28, 2007

My first Christmas

Christmas was SOOOO fun!! Some of my favourite relatives came to stay with us. It has been beautiful summer weather and we played a lot of frisbee!! I LOVE playing frisbee!!I got my own stocking that hung on the fireplace next to Bella's. I will take it with me when I move in with my future best friend. We have recently been told that I will be going into the training headquarters soon. I am being called in early because I have a very gentle temperament. My temperament is so gentle that it has been decided that I will go on to befriend a young person, rather than an adult. I am very excited. I LOVE young people!!

Bella told me all about Santa. I feel like I have tried really hard to be a good girl but I still wasn't sure that Santa was going to leave something for me. It was really exciting to look in my stocking on Christmas morning!! I got a new teeth-cleaning bone!! I got a lot of other presents for Christmas too. I think that Bella and I got more presents than everyone else.

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Molly said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I have to say, your pup is adorable! I have a quick are you teaching your pup to complete a working retrieve?

I've raised several assistance dogs for a local nonprofit, and my first had the hardest time learning because he only wanted to retrieve moving objects, like tennis balls! He never quite got the concept of retrieving a non-moving object.