Saturday, October 27, 2007

My first time on a boat!

I had a busy day! Since I have been moving past my defiance issues, I didn't have to miss out on any of the weekend fun. We had company visiting from Spain so we all went to pose for pictures in front of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and stuff like that.The Opera House is in Circular Quay. That is where we got on a ferry to go to north to Manly Beach. When we first sat down on the ferry, I had my tail in the walking aisle. I quickly moved to a better UNDER position and waited there the entire boat ride. Manly Beach was fun. I got to put my arms up on the ledge and watch what was happening on the beach. Then we sat and ate fish n' chips in the plaza area. I didn't get to eat any. There were lots of seagulls fighting for pieces of food. I think birds are super exciting but I didn't try to chase them. I was fairly distracted by them at first but then I was able to focus back on my parents and totally ignore the birds. Eventually, I got play time near the warf. After play time, we went to have some drinks at a restaurant near the ferry. All weekend we had to explain to various managers why it was OK that I was there because they we kept going to places that I haven't been been before.

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Lisa in waiting... said...

Oh my goodness. THat is a big weekend. I'm glad you are getting over your defiance issues so you can go on more excursions like that!