Monday, November 26, 2007


Let's see, what have I been doing? I entered a photo contest at QBE where my daddy works. I entered because I wanted to thank QBE for giving my organization a signed and framed Sydney Swans jersey to auction at the annual ADA dinner. I got an honorable mention in the photo contest. Last week I did a few demonstrations. At the demonstrations, we teach people about Assistance Dogs. Everyone knows about Guide Dogs but not very many people know about Assistance Dogs. Here is a picture of me with a few of the ladies at the Killara Lawn Bowling Club where I did the demo last Tuesday. On Wednesday I did a demo at the Bexley Community Center and on Friday I went on a corporate walk in the city with employees of Genworth Financial. Here is a picture of me with two of the Genworth employees. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house last Thursday. There were about 30 people and I didn't jump up on anyone. It has taken me a long time to learn not to jump up to say hello to people but I have finally learned!!!


Runza said...

Ah, you should have won the photo contest, you are too cute!
That's a lot of presentations. You look adorable! Kudos for getting out and educating people.

Kelsey and Spike said...

Good job with all the presentations, and I agree with Lisa, you should have won the photo contest, you are one cute golden Quinta! And good girl for not jumping on anyone during Thanksgiving.